Radio Fa’ma

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The radio programme which is also a TV programme.

Conversations from the heart of the community are the focus of a radio programme which is also a TV programme. Tara Bethan and Kris Hughes travel to locations across Wales in a van towing a pop-up caravan which can be quickly and easily turned into a mobile radio studio.

From the intense to the light-hearted...

The ‘pop up’ radio studio broadcasts live for a period, where Tara and Kris chat to some of the characters in the area about experiences that have had an impact on their lives. The conversations will be on a mixture of topics – from the intense to the light-hearted – including dealing with exam stress, and from living with additional needs to coping with suicide. As well as the conversations from the radio programmes we’ll see portraits of the guests in their community, at work or at home, and each guest will have the opportunity to choose songs that are special to them.