Yr Academi Felys

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With his cake and chocolate business thriving, Richard Holt is looking for a talented apprentice to join him in his Sweet Academy.

We follow six would-be chefs as they face numerous out-of-this-world baking tasks set by Richard. He also shares some of the best secrets he learned working in Michelin star restaurants.Richard said: “I’m really keen to find new talent – someone with raw ability who is full of imagination and potential. I’m not someone who likes doing things in a traditional way. So I have come up with a really ambitious competition: special sweet challenges which will test the competitors to the limit!”

Set at the magical Melin Llynon...

Set at the magical Melin Llynon, the six will face all sorts of imaginative challenges from creating unique patisserie to discovering new flavours for Mônuts (special donuts from Anglesey!) – but only one can claim their Academi Felys (Sweet Academy) title.

During the series Richard will be demonstrating his wide experience and incredible baking skills as he sets challenges for the competitors and cooks some of his own favourite patisserie recipes – including one which has been inspired by Anglesey’s history with the iconic Land Rover.