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These are the people who own Cwmni Da. 

Cwmni Da is an Employee-Owned business, which reflects our ethos of shared responsibility, our belief in the power of combined effort and our aim to benefit the employees, the local economy and wider community.

The company’s shares are held on behalf of the workforce in an Employee Ownership Trust, managed by Trustees. The role of our Trustees – who include a Cwmni Da employee – is to oversee the work of Cwmni Da and its Board of Directors and safeguard the employees’ interests. The Employee-Ownership Trust provides the employees with direct involvement in major company decisions and a say in the company’s development.

Creating an Employee-Ownership Trust is a natural progression for Cwmni Da as it is our passionate belief that the staff are a key part of the business. Employees all feel like owners, which translates into better value and quality for our clients.

Employee-ownership ensures also Cwmni Da remains independent and in the hands of the staff who contribute to its success. Employees can benefit financially when there are profits to be shared.

The Employee-Owned Business model is new to the media industry, and we are confident that this innovative approach will bring success and future growth to Cwmni Da.

Our Welsh Identity

Cwmni Da exists to offer world-class production from our base in Caernarfon, north Wales. The Welsh language is core to our identity and is the laguage of our workplace.
We believe that Welsh people deserve a media that serves them in their own language.


Our International Vision

We also look outwards and are proud of our history of international co-productions. We work well with partners across the world and have made plenty of friends from many nations. Our door is always open to new production partners and new ideas to take our content to the world.


A Home for Equality

Cwmni Da is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in a fair and open work environment where every person is treated as an individual. We believe in compassion, respect and equality for all our employees.



While Cwmni Da is owned by the workplace, the company operates under the management of a team of Directors. Llion Iwan is the company’s Managing Director, while Bethan Griffiths is Director of Operations. Phil Williams  completes the board as Non-Executive Director.

Bethan Griffiths

Director of Operations

Llion Iwan

Managing Director

Phil Williams

Non-Executive Director

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