Chris a’r Afal Mawr

S4C | 3 x 60' |

Chris 'Flamebaster' Roberts is back and this time, an unforgettable trip to New York is on the menu.

The first episode of the new series Chris a’r Afal Mawr (Chris and the Big Apple) introduces us to New York classics. And pastrami is something that is certainly a classic in this city. The first place Chris visits is Kat'z Delicatessen, the oldest deli in New York, which specializes in huge pastrami sandwiches. But is perhaps best known for a famous scene in the film When Harry Met Sally.

Chris 'Flamebaster' Roberts cooking with Matthew Rhys in New video

“This isn’t work, this is fun."

Without a doubt, another New York classic is the pizza. And what better way to get a taste of some of the best than a pizza tour in an iconic yellow school bus across the city? One (of many) of the pizza restaurants on this trip is Luigi’s, who makes the famous New York Slice – a large pizza that is sold by the slice. Here, Chris meets Gio, the owner, and Luigi’s son. Luigi spent a lot of money on his son’s education so that he could get a good job. But after working in an office for less than a year, Gio decided that following in his father’s footsteps making pizza was the path for him, and he hasn’t looked back:

“This isn’t work, this is fun. When you love what you do its not work,” said Gio.

Something that’s certainly a classic, but perhaps not everyone knows about is ‘Chopped Cheese’. A sandwich which is a mixture of ground beef and cheese that’s popular among true New Yorkers. And the place to get one is Shmackwich, by Chef Sibs, who has taken this classic to the next level. This sandwich is “New York in a bite”, according to Sibs. As well as all these amazing restaurants, Chris also cooks food that has inspired him on the way, (using the BBQ of course!) like a calzone that blends the pizza and Chopped Cheese, and he gets to cook at special events for the city’s residents.

Throughout the series, Chris is joined by some Welsh people who live and work in New York such as the famous actor Mathew Rhys. And in the last episode, he’s joined by one of his best friends, the talented chef Tomos Parry, to show the places that he wants to eat. Tomos is a chef at the famous Brat restaurant in London, cooking Michelin starred food with fire. Brat is known as one of the best places to eat in Britain and on the list of the 100 best places to eat in the world. So come to meet incredible people, each with a smile and a unique story in an iconic city that includes five suburbs, 800 languages and many different cultures.

In Chris’s words: “Take a chill, pour yourself a drink and get ready to lick that screen!”